Monday, June 5, 2017

Big Stretch Test


   I am looking for something to seal the windows with.  Being 7 feet long, they are going to expand and contract with temperature.  From what I can determine, we are looking at 1/4"- about 1/8" either direction at the ends, where the expansion and contraction is greatest.  I was turned on to "Big Stretch" as a possibility, and I wanted to test it to see.    

  It claimed a two week setup time, so I made this test piece....

Had I-gor sand it well...


And set up this testing scheme, letting it dry for a month. 

 I put this goal, 1/4" of one-direction movement, which is twice what it should theoretically have to endure.   I put a nut on that little black carriage bolt and started cranking....

  The pressure was too much for a little hole in 1/8" acrylic. New approach.

Now we are pushing rather than pulling. You can see the new goal drawn on the plywood.

  Here at almost 1/4" past the goal, it looks stressed, but not coming loose.

Another 1/8" and it finally ruptured.

You can see here that it stuck very well to the wood, but not as well to the super-slick acrylic.  It could bear some roughing-up with some 220-grit, perhaps.  

All-in-all, I'm optimistic about using this product on the windows.

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