Sunday, June 10, 2018

Full Circle

  After almost eight months out of the country we are back in town. Here's a recap of what we've been up to.

Outside Nanasca Hostel in Nazca, Peru

We tried out the backpacker's life in Peru. As you can see, its hard to pack light with two small kids. 

We tried to do as much couchsurfing as we could. 

Outside the city of Ica

 I absolutely fell in love with the desert.  The mountains were nice, too, but we didn't do any really intrepid backpacking there.

Uros Floating Islands
 We took one of those motor launch tours of lake Titicaca.  Here we stopped on the well known floating islands made of totora reeds.

They also use the reeds to make boats such as this real boat...

and this fake one, which they use to carry tourists from island to island. I believe they stuff them with soda bottles, so the ancient ones wouldn't have floated so nice. It was fun.  Very tourist-oriented, but still fun. they row these things pretty well between two. 

Here I am taking my trick at the oar.

We finally made it to my wife's home country of Uruguay, where we spent over six months.

Suzuki Maruti Alto 800
 We bought a car.

We explored the wide open spaces of Uruguay. It really is a wonderful place to explore. 

We did some car camping.

And installed ourselves on her family's orange farm.

We even got to do some sailing on a friend's boat on El Lago de Salto Grande.
It was six of the best months of my life. 

Now we are back home, getting settled, and getting ready for the next phase of life. Stay tuned for news about CORNCAKE and her sailing rig...

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